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Premium, Corporate and Special Sales

JayJo Books has specialized in premium sales for nearly twenty years, marketing well over two million copies of health-education books around the world.

When a client chooses to use an already published JayJo title as a premium, the book is exclusive to our client and their company for as long as they use the product. At JayJo, we not only pride ourselves on our product, but our exceptional customer service as well. We work along with the client on format, copy, art, special inserts, and price until we have the perfect marketing tool for the client's purposes. And, if a client requires a special book, created just for them, we can do that too.

Customized quantities typically range from 1,000 units to well over 100,000 units. All of our production is done in one central part of the country to allow for consistency in quality and the most economical shipping costs. We work directly with our client(s) before, during, and after the sale. Our quality is superb and our efficiency is second to none.

Partial list of our corporate clients include:
Bayer Company-Taking Diabetes to School and Rufus Comes Home
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals-The ABC’s of Asthma
GlaxoSmithKline-Taking Seizure Disorders to School
Solvay Pharmaceuticals-Taking Cystic Fibrosis to School (coloring book)
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International-Partnership w/Bayer

Imprint Example

Creating Healthy Clubs for Kids
We have worked specifically with a children's asthma club for five years, increasing the total number of members from under 20,000 to over 120,000 in just one year! We would be most happy to incorporate any type of children's club to fit your specific needs! Please call for a personal presentation!

Spanish and Other Foreign Language Titles Also Available
We have had numerous requests for Spanish and other language editions of our titles. If you are interested in having a JayJo title published in a foreign language, please use our "Contact Us" form below. We've already provided Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and other translations to foreign customers.

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